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The Waitress Room Hot babes galore..including sexy models, actresses, ice hotties, pro cheer chicks, dance babes, college cheerleaders & campus hotties! While there is NO pornography allowed here, some material is of a mature nature.

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Babes Beer & Sports: Thong Thursday: ???No More Left Overs???

It's that time of the week everyone THONG Thursday "No more Left over's". In this week's edition I am going to be discussing news around the wonderful world you may have missed to include but not limited to Tennis, Golf, Hockey, and Baseball. This week's edition is packed full of the good stuff all of the legs, thighs, and breasts you can handle. Some of the ladies may be wearing more than a thong and others may be wearing less. If you look close enough you might see a slip of the nip or lip keep your eyes peeled. The Celebrity Nip Slip of the week goes to English-Australian actress, model and pop singer Sophie Monk. Warning: When viewing this blog keep your hands where you can see them I don't want anyone to get hurt. So enough already let's get going........

In case you missed it about 2:35am on Nov 27th Tiger Woods' left his mansion got into his escalade ran into a fire hydrant and then into a tree. The police have said alcohol was not a factor in the accident so then what was? BB&S fans what really happened is unknown because originally Tiger's wife said she had to break him out of the vehicle with one of his golf clubs. Smashing the window and dragging him out. But then the story changed. The police have attempted to interview Tiger Woods on several occasions and every time he or his wife cancels the interview. What bothers me about this incident is why not talk to police. Also why would his wife break the rear window with the golf club to pull him out of the driver's seat? Something smells fishy BB&S. Here is what I think happened I think Tigers wife had been suspicious about him letting someone else play with his club other than her and suspicious about him putting his balls in someone elses hole. And being suspicious she confronted him about it and a argument broke out and tiger was trying to leave the house so he gets in the Escalade and she being upset grabs one of his clubs and starts to swing away at the back of the escalade shattering the winshield causing him to run into the fire hydrant and scuff a tree. BB&S fans what do you think? Is it possible Tiger had his hand in someone elses cookie jar and got caught by his wife? Maybe just Maybe Tiger Woods should listen to Carrie Underwoods song "before he cheats".

OK BB&S fans back in September Serena Williams was playing in the US open and one of the line judges made a bad call. Immediately after the call was made Serena Williams upset decided to give the judge a piece of her mind. She was told she would be punished for her outburst but up until this week she had no idea what her punishment would be. This week Serena Williams was fined $82,500 dollars for giving the line judge a piece of her mind in September and she is also on tennis probation for 2010 and 2011. If she doesn't go off on anyone for the next 2 years the suspension will be lifted but if she can't maintain composure and she has another meltdown she will be fined 175,000 dollars and barred from the next us open. BB&S fans why is it a tennis player is fined more than a NFL player?

Earlier this week Pittsburgh Penguins forward Matt Cooke was suspended for 2 games without pay as the result of a deliberate Head check to Artem Anisimov of the New your rangers. Cooke delivered the hit during the 3rd period of the game. Cooke served 2 minutes in the penalty box and as soon as he got out of the box Donald Brashear of the Rangers attempted to engage him in a fight but officials jumped in but that would not be the end of Cooke. Cooke later fought Rangers Ryan Callahan both players received a 10 minute misconduct in addition to the five minute majors they received. BB&S was the 2 game suspension enough punishment or not enough for the intentional head check?

And for the Basketball fans out there Ron Artest in an interview this week stated "I used to drink Hennessy.... At halftime during basketball games!!!! BB&S I don't know how many of you out there are drinkers but Hennessy is no joke. According to Ron Artest if he didn't have it with him before the game started he would just walk to the closest liquor store and get a bottle and keep it in his locker. I find it hard to believe no one else on the team knew about it or smelled it on him. You have to be a serious drinker to need a swig, guzzle, gulp, or sip of alcohol to get you through the game. Talk to me BB&S fans am I the only one who thinks he might have a problem?

After being gone for a while Sammy Sosa has seemed to resurface not because of hitting home runs but because he is being sued for 203,000 dollars in Dominician Court. BB&S here is what happened Sammy Sosa was trying to sell a 3 million dollar house and couldn't get it sold by himself so he decided to get a realtor named Carim Abu Nabaa to help him sell the house. Sosa also promised Nabaa 5 percent commission on the sale totaling 150,000. Well BB&S the house was sold and Sammy didn't want to pay the 150,000 dollars he owed in commission. But that is not it he also owes Nabaa 43,000 for a luxury watch, and 10,000 to nabaa for getting singer Don Omar to perform at Sammy's 41 birthday. Is it just me but it seems like people with a lot of money do whatever they can to get what they want and not pay the price. Maybe Sammy feels like since he is famous he shouldn't have to pay anyone anything? What do you think BB&S?

Many students who attend college attend with the hopes of graduating not because of what they look like but because the academic progress they have made in pursuit of their degree well BB&S that is not the case at Lincoln University. At Lincoln University if your Body Mass Index is 30% or more you have to take and complete a fitness class before you can graduate. Some students agree with the rule and other students do not agree What do you think BB&S is this something that should apply only to those individuals who are overweight or should it apply to everyone.

And the Celebrity Nip Slip of the week SOPHIE MONK

Until next week........

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